Discover What's Included in the ToyotaCare Maintenance Program

You probably already know that you should have your tires rotated, but did you know that free rotation is one of the offerings on ToyotaCare? And did you know that ToyotaCare comes standard on all new Toyota models for two years or 25,000 miles after your purchase? That's a lot of tire rotations!

But it's not just free tire changes that you can get with ToyotaCare. When you have your tires rotated, you will also get free oil changes, and we'll inspect your vehicle's fluid levels. That's a lot of savings on oil changes, too.

If you're ready to save money on your oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid level inspections, and you already have ToyotaCare, come to Lihtia Toyota of Klamath Falls and we'll take care of it for you. We'll also tell you about more offerings with ToyotaCare that can save you hassle in the future.

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