Signs of a Bad Muffler

As the name suggests, the muffler is the part of your vehicle's exhaust system designed to muffle the sounds that it creates. If the muffler isn't working properly, you may find that your car is loud and suffers from decreased performance. It may also allow carbon monoxide to enter the vehicle.

In some cases, drivers may be pulled over if their vehicle is too loud. They may also get noise complaints from neighbors or nearby businesses if the noise interferes with their activities. In addition to excess noise, a muffler may be bad if you hear clunking noises when the car moves or if you smell foul odors when starting the car.

If you suspect that your muffler is not operating properly, take it in for an exhaust service today. A service center professional from Lithia Toyota of Klamath Falls may be able to help diagnose the problem and fix it.

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