Toyota Prius Prime - An Innovative Car

For many years, the Toyota Prius has been a leader in terms of efficiency. With the 2018 Prius Prime, you get even more in that regard. It's a popular choice amongst those looking for a plug-in hybrid equally capable of long hauls and short jaunts.

The car uses a dual motor drive system that packs a punch. Every time you accelerate, you'll feel the power of both motors. As you're on the road, you can take advantage of the available 11.6-inch HD display built into your dash. You can pinch, zoom, tap, and swipe just like you're accustomed to and gain access to your music, contact list, or maps.

The Prius Prime is an example of how technology is pushing the market forward. If you'd like to take one for a test drive, stop by Lithia Toyota of Klamath Falls.



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