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Toyota Prius Makes Strides in Family Safety with Improved LATCH Ease-of-Use Ratings

When you are first starting a family, you might not need a car with minivan-like space. Something efficient and economical would be perfect. The only thing you won't compromise on is safety.

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) systems are meant to make installing child safety seats easier and mistake-free for parents and guardians. However, in its first round of testing in 2015 the IIHS discovered..

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Toyota Nominated for Wildlife Habitat Council Bats Project Award

Did you know that there are 15 species of bat in Oregon?

The world's only mammals capable of true flight, bats have come under threat in the last decade from a fungal infection called White Nose Syndrome. It has yet to reach us on the west coast, but is spreading rapidly, and has already killed millions of bats in the northeast.

As a…

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Oregon-Based Architects Design 'Living Building' for Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park may well be the first national park in the entire world. It has long upheld the values of preserving the natural beauty of the American landscape, and protecting the rare species that live there. Unfortunately, however, owing to the park's age, many of its structures do not live up to those values.

That is all soon to change, thanks in part to Toyota, and to Hennebery Eddy

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Why Good News for the Panda is More Reason Than Ever to Drive a Toyota

In the spring of 2016, Toyota pledged to help the IUCN identify conservation risks of at least 28,000 species. Before the end of the summer, breaking news proved how important IUCN assessments are to world conservation.

A recent population assessment showed the Giant Panda is no longer Endangered.

According to IUCN standards, the Giant Panda's population in the wild is stable enough to qualify for...

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Calty: American Designs Since 1973

Today, Toyota operates ten manufacturing plants in the United States, and builds some of the most American-made cars of any automaker. However, decades before Toyota vehicles were built here, some of your favorite models were being designed in America.

CALTY Design Research, Inc. opened in 1973 in El Segundo, CA. It started as a small "beachhead" into North American design by the Japanese company, but it saw huge success with the 1978 Toyota Celica Liftback.

Today, Calty has three campuses, where designers use every resource imaginable to inspire, conceptualize, research, and model...

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Drivers Are Now Going Carbon-Free Just a State Away

Last year, Mark Mobley of Orange County, California put his name on a waiting list to be one of the first to own a Toyota Mirai. Unlike most cars you have to go on a list for, the Toyota Mirai isn't particularly sporty or supercar-esque, but it is unique and futuristic.

The Mirai runs entirely on hydrogen.

"I love it, and I feel like I'm part of the solution," said Mobley, who is dedicated to…

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Texas-Built Toyota Tundra Takes Million-Mile Trip

Victor Sheppard purchased a new Toyota Tundra from his local dealership in Louisiana in 2007. He was interested in the Tundra because he was well aware of its reliability into high mileage -- and he would need that.

While it takes more drivers about ten years to put 125,000 miles onto their vehicle's odometer, Sheppard does it in one. After only nine years, and nearly non-stop travel, his Tundra exceeded the million-mile mark.

This particular pickup is...

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Toyota Camry Supports Over 6,000 American Jobs

When it comes time to pick your next car, some choose by their conscience. To help buyers in this complicated, modern global economy figure out which cars are made in America, compiles its American-Made Index (AMI) every year.

In 2016, for the second year in a row (and sixth overall), the Toyota Camry was ranked No. 1 on the AMI. It is assembled in Kentucky, is made with at least…

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